Thread galling, and jamming is frequently to be revealed on the cable inlets made of stainless steel. This issue leads to high defective items percentage, difficulties at connection mounting, damage of their tightness.

One of the manufacturers of the fittings has appealed to our company to get consultation. The Modengy engineers have done a thorough analysis, and revealed the basic reasons of the thread functioning failure: unstable and high friction coefficient caused by special features of stainless steel.

To solve this problem, and eliminate the possibility itself of galling and jamming of the connections, we have suggested using MODENGY 1001 anti-friction solid-film coating. This product reduce coefficient of friction between the thread turns down to 5 times, as well as stabilizes this index due to a thin separating layer that is formed on the thread turns surface after the coating is applied.

Use of MODENGY 1001 coating has minimized probability that this problem will arise again, and enabled possibility for multiple mounting/dismantling of the threaded connections at adjusting the cable inlets made of stainless steel.

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