More than 70% our planet’s surface is covered with water. However, there is less information about seabed than about the surface of the Moon so far.

Researching the world ocean has enormous importance for mineral search, fishing, shipping, meteorology, and the other fields of human life activity.

The water depths mysteries can be revealed only by using the complex machinery, and the more new scientific questions appear the higher is the need in more advanced and improved equipment.

For the purpose of optimizing this work, the scientists, engineers, mechanics, and seamen get united into international research teams. A great number of specialty devices is immersed onto the beds of the oceans, seas, and lakes in search for necessary information.

The Modengy engineers have started taking part in creating apparatuses for underwater researches, so that, MODENGY 1014 anti-friction solid-film coating has now being used to make operating adjusting bolts and fasteners of these devices easier.

The anti-friction solid-film coating protects the threaded connections against corrosion caused by exposure to sea- and freshwater, prevents fasteners jamming at assembly, as well as makes dismantle easier.

An important advantage of MODENGY 1014 is its non-toxic nature and cleanness (after getting cured, the coating becomes dry and makes no stains).

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