The Anti-Friction Solid-Film Coatings from Modengy Russian company are getting more and more popular.  The solid lubrication technology is unique by the fact that it combines ease of implementation and capability to solve the most acute challenges related with friction and wear. 

The technology of applying Modengy coatings has become even easier now as the most popular products are available in the form of compact aerosol cans. They will be discussed below.

Advantages of the solid lubricating coatings

The Anti-Friction Solid-Film Coatings (ASC) technology enables to form a thin 5 to 20 µm thick composite layer on the part surface. This layer is a polymer matrix firmly bonded to the base, while its cells are filled up with the ultrafine particles of the solid lubricating material. 

The coating has high compression strength and low shear strength. As a result, the dry friction coefficient reaches the values of a few hundredths at the contact pressures which are commensurable with the flow limit of the material of the base.

The main advantages of the solid lubricating coatings are high load-carrying ability, and anti-scuffing properties. That is the exact reason why they are so demanded in valve engineering. 

The pipeline fittings contain a lot of heavy loaded slow-speed friction units where issues of increased friction and jamming revealed the most acutely. The additional advantages of the coatings are the following:

Wide service temperatures range -210°С to +440°С

Resistance to chemically aggressive media such as acids, alkalies, oil products, organic solvents, etc.

Anti-corrosion properties

Coating Applying Technology

The main method of applyingAnti-Friction Solid-Film Coatings is spraying out. For this purpose the standard paint spray out equipment is used. All what is required is a source of purified compressed air under 3 to 4 bars pressure, and a paint spray gun with appropriate parameters.

This is not a problem in the conditions of an industrial enterprise. However, in various cases, it’s often necessary to apply the coatings in the field, at a mounting site. And the only possible variant here is applying from the aerosol packages. In this case, the stages of the coating applying process are the following:

Thorough surface cleaning of contaminations, and finishing degreasing with special MODENGY Cleaner-Activator

Thorough stirring the cleaner inside its aerosol package for at least 3 minutes since the moment you can hear tapping sound of a small inner ball

Spraying out the content of the aerosol can onto the surface to be treated from the distance of 20 cm

Air-drying at room temperature for 5 to 10 minutes until the surface gets matte and tack free

Applying the second layer if necessary

Final air-drying at room temperature during the time period as pointed in Table 1

Types of Modengy coatings in aerosol packages

The aerosol package has been optimized individually for each kind of coating what makes them not just portable and easy to use but also provides applying a layer of high quality with accurately set spraying parameters.  

The names and main performances of the Anti-Friction Solid-Film Coatingsin aerosol packages are given in Table 1.

Table 1. Performances of the MODENGY coatings in the aerosol packages

MODENGY coating Name Available aerosol can sizes, ML Solid lubricating components in composition Service temperature range Load-carrying capacity, MPa Wear resistance at 550 MPa, *x1,000 cycles Anticorrosive properties – outdoors storage life, years Cure time at room temperature, hours
1001 210 Molybdenum disulfide, graphite -180…+440 °С 2300 180 - 0,25
1002 210, 520 Molybdenum disulfide -210…+320 °С 2050 130 до 32 2
For ICE Parts 210 Molybdenum disulfide, graphite -70…+260 °С 2300 250 up to 4 12


The key features of MODENGY 1001 are fast cure within 15 minutes and high anti-scuffing properties. This coating is used on valve stems, in slide gates, and wedge gate valves, in threaded connections made of stainless steels.


MODENGY 1002 has not only good lubricating properties but also high anti-corrosive ones. It is used for threaded connections of boring casing and oil-well tubing, drilling tools, packers, downhole motor angle adjustors, telescopic booms of lift-and-carry machines.


MODENGY For ICE Parts is characterized by high wear resistance, and resistance to impact of the chemically aggressive environments. 

It is used in the worm gears of valves, the splined joints of oil pumps, the plane slideways of the machine tools, the rack-and-pinion gears of axial type valves, gaso-dynamic bearings of turbines. It fits well for piston machines, for instance, the internal-combustion engines. It is applied onto the elements of pistons, and bearing liners.


The Modengy Anti-Friction Solid-Film Coatings technology provides a surface with the necessary set of tribotechnical and protective properties. Application of the technology enables to control friction effectively, and thus, to extend service life and improve energy efficiency of the machine. New aerosol package of MODENGY coatings enables to apply them easy and quickly under virtually any conditions.

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