One of the relevant tasks that the developers and the users of the pump equipment face is preventing its failure at emergency operation modes.

When the working medium to be pumped is absent, or doesn’t meet the given parameters even during a short while, it leads to catastrophic growth of the pump elements wear, to forming scuffing and corrosion, to structure tightness failure, to reducing efficiency, and to raising other troubles.

In order to solve this issue, it was suggested applying MODENGY 1005 anti-friction solid-film coating based on molybdenum disulfide and graphite onto the pump parts surfaces at the production stage. This product forms a dry lubricating film that prevents direct contact between the metal surfaces, and creates a barrier prohibiting aggressive impact of the working medium.

The manufacturers of the pump equipment and the enterprises providing maintenance services remark that MODENGY 1005 coating protects pump parts against forming corrosion in a reliable way, and reduces their friction wear by several times.

So, MODENGY 1005 anti-friction solid-film coating has enabled to solve the challenge on preventing fast wear of the pump equipment at emergency operation modes at the minimal costs.

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