The 10th International Lubricating Materials Week-2019 has taken place on October 8th to 11th, 2019.
The following several conferences were included as parts of its program:

  • The Lubricating Materials Production and Market-2019
  • The CIS Market: basic oils and lubricating materials-2019
  • The Global Summit on the Greases- 2019

The Maintenance and Equipment for the Lubricating Materials Market specialized exhibition took place on the same period of time. And The Lubricants Awards-2019 reward has found its owner.

The leading Russian and foreign companies from 22 world countries have taken part in the Lubricating Material Week. Top Executives made more than one third of the delegates which emphasized this event’s status and significance.

The major purpose of The International Lubricating Materials Week was to establish a direct dialogue between the largest manufacturers and the customers of the lubricating materials, as well as defining demand tendencies, and possible changes of its quality characteristics.

Mr. Maxim I. Prudnikov, the Modengy General Manager, has made a speech as a part of the Global Summit on the greases. He has presented the MODENGY Anti-Friction Solid-Film Coating (ASCs) technology designed by this company as an alternative to conventional lubricating materials that have been used in the machine building so far.

Unlike oils and greases, MODENGY MODENGY Anti-Friction Solid-Film Coating are efficient under conditions of the temperatures up to +600 ºС, at the contact pressures over 2,500 MPa. They demonstrate low friction coefficient (from 0.03), and enable to create units which require no maintenance.

MODENGY technology has already found application in various industry fields including such innovative industries as robotics, prostheses and exoskeletons production. This allows us to talk about its prospects, and to find new markets.

The Conference participants highly appreciated the MODENGY Anti-Friction Solid-Film Coating possibilities, discussed their points of interest, and also got samples of the coatings applied on the metal plates to get acquainted with them more closely.

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