The modern pharmaceutical enterprises are equipped with high-technology automated equipment. Liquid medicines are produced in sterile rooms with use of the innovative raw materials feed, mixing and filling systems. The control and measuring devices are in charge of continuous product quality control.

Maintenance of the pharmaceutical equipment requires such service materials that can provide as long service lifetime of its units as possible, and without need to stop the lines on regular basis, and to apply any additional actions.

The Modengy company has offered such materials to the pharmaceutical enterprises. MODENGY 1001 anti-friction solid lubricating coating has found its application in gears, threaded bars, and other open machine friction units.

The coating with its upper limit of the service temperature range of +440 °С withstands perfectly temperature mode of the equipment on production liquid medicines which is up to +300 °С. Due to molybdenum disulfide and graphite in its composition, it has high load carrying capacity, and enables to extend service life on the units even under extreme operation conditions.

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