At the moment, the issue of applying solid-film coating onto the inner surfaces of the long-length cylindrical parts of the various equipment is relevant both in Russia and abroad.

It can be partially solved by applying the coatings on the mating elements of the friction pairs such as shafts, rods, pistons, etc.

However, it’s not enough since the cylindrical parts also acutely need reducing friction, improving corrosion resistance, and extending service life.

This issue has been successfully solved by our company’s engineers. A new technology that enables to apply MODENGY coating onto hard-to-reach inner surfaces has been developed. The new equipment let create a layer of an even thickness (20 ± 5 µm) along the entire length of the parts of 50mm diameter.

Modengy experts especially remarkable that the coatings applied according to the new technology perfectly adhere onto both smooth surfaces of the pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder liners, and the threaded parts of the pump-and-compressor pipes clutches.

The new technology for MODENGY coatings applying will significantly enlarge range of their applications on the cylinder-shaped parts of great length and small diameter.

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