When smooth motion reduces, and noise appears at braking it can point to the troubles with brake pads. As a sequence of intensive friction against the case, their guideways start vibrating which causes unpleasant sounds and mechanical oscillation in the car interior.

In addition, the pad parts are constantly exposed to atmosphere humidity, and road reagents, which leads to corrosion development on them, and increases risk of brake mechanism jamming. As a result, safety of the car and its owner gets under threat.

The Modengy engineers have found a way how to solve this issue: with MODENGY 1010 anti-friction solid-film

The enterprises engaged with vehicle repairs and maintenance applied it onto the brake pad guideways.

 As a result, it has provided:

  • steadily low friction coefficient

  • corrosion protection for the guideways

  • failure-free operation of the brakes in general for a long while

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