Increased wear and scuffing forming on the inner combustion engine skirts is the issue specific for the agricultural machinery. It most frequently occurs at cold engine start when oil amount is not enough, or when the power unit overheats.

In search of the solution for such a problem, the specialists of one of the enterprises on maintaining the agricultural machines have appealed to us.

The Modengy engineers have suggested using MODENGY For ICE Parts anti-friction solid-film coating to protect the pistons. The compound based on highly purified molybdenum disulfide and graphite cures without heating in kiln, a handy aerosol package has the optimal parameters to apply its content in a uniform and balanced way.

The recommended coating was applied onto the piston skirts in course of the next inner combustion engine repairs. As a result, friction and pistons wear have reduced, while scuffing forming was prevented. And thus, the general costs of the enterprise for the engines repair and maintenance have significantly cut down.


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