MODENGY anti-friction solid-film coatings and supporting materials are demanded not by the industrial enterprises only but also by individuals. Our products are more and more often used at car engines maintenance.

MODENGY Technology Kit that includes MODENGY For ICE Parts, and MODENGY Special Cleaner-Activator is in particular demand.

By using this Kit you provide the engine longterm and failure-free operation.

The special cleaner-activator prepares the parts by cleaning and activating their surfaces prior applying the coating. The coating itself protects pistons, bushs, throttle valve, and other elements of the power-generating sets that are subjected to higher friction and wear.

It has become easier to purchase MODENGY coatings today. It is available to be ordered at four Internet sites:

If you have any question on purchasing MODENGY materials in your region, please fill in the Feedback Form in the section of the link

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