The Modengy company moves on in enlarging not only the range of its coatings but also available package sizes choice. Today we offer not only traditional 600 G Cans and 4.5 KG Pails but also 200 G and 200 ML plastic capsules. Such package size is especially convenient for small work volume. One capsule is enough to charge a container of the MODENGY spray gun once.

Along with the new package size types, the products whose labels are presented in the updated design have started to go on sale.  The company´s logo has changed, color solutions to design the website and printed materials.

The new labels represent the changes occurred, however they still contain the full information about the products including their composition, application and storage rules.

Today you can purchase MODENGY products both in previous and in new design. Their quality is absolutely of equal worth since no changes in their component sets have been done.

If you have any questions or doubts at choosing among our products, please contact us by submitting the feedback form.

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